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Regular Member

This category is for any graduated veterinarian.

12 months (7/1/2013 through 6/30/2014) - $215.00

Associate Member

This category is for any graduated veterinarian who resides in another state.
12 months (7/1/2013 through 6/30/2013) - $120

Faculty Member

This category is for a Purdue full time faculty Member/resident/intern who wishes to be a member of the IVMA.

12 months (7/1/2013 through 6/30/2013) - $155.00

New Graduate Member - (2012 Graduates)

This category is for veterinarians who have graduated from an AVMA -accredited veterinarian school in 2012.

12 months (7/1/2013 - 6/30/2013)- $107.50

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Benefits and services of IVMA membership include:


  • Outstanding Continuing Education - programs provided by nationally known speakers and commercial and scientific exhibits with current and useful information for veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and students, which can directly benefit your practice.
  • Communication with bi-monthly newsletters known as the Hoosier Veterinarian, and other communications with important and timely information disbursed only to IVMA members with items of current use and interest, including continuing education programs available, current legislative topics, job/classified ad listings, etc.
  • - the IVMA's web page that features helpful information for members and the public - also features on-line continuing education.
  • Legislation monitored and lobbying provided by a professional governmental relations advocate who represents the voice of veterinary medicine in Indiana and monitors legislation concerning all aspects of veterinary medicine that may affect your practice and the veterinary profession.
  • Solid working relationships - with the the Indiana animal industry, through the Board of Animal Health, the Indiana Ag Resource Council, the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, the State Veterinarian, and Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, where the IVMA voice can be heard.
  • Public Relations Programs - designed to attract statewide news media, with special focus on such events as the Indiana State Fair, National Pet Week, Dr. Wise columns distributed to newspapers around Indiana, as well as tools for IVMA members to use to promote the profession, including the award-winning Public Relations for the Veterinarian book.
  • Committee Opportunities with committees at the state level to oversee every facet of veterinary medicine in Indiana.
  • Research and Information Services - as the IVMA is an essential resource for questions and concerns regarding all aspects of the veterinary profession - all by calling toll free at 800/270-0747.

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